Seth Groves

My name is Seth Groves and I am a freelance illustrator and traditional painter. I currently live in Indianapolis with my wife, Macey, and our adorable dog, Olive.

I have a deep love for pop culture and film, so I began my art career by doing sketch card sets for Topps Trading Cards. I’ve worked on many licensed Star Wars Trading Card sets for Topps as well as a TMNT project. I have also been lucky to work on a licensed Ultraman project and comic covers for various indie publishers.

Recently, I released my second officially licensed limited edition Marvel art print “Day and Knight” a poster for the incredible “Moonknight” original series on Disney+. This piece joins my first officially licensed Marvel print “In the Endgame Now” featuring Spider-Man and my first licensed Star Wars print "The Darksaber" all of which were released through ACME Archives ltd. and Dark Ink. I continue to work with ACME and Dark Ink on exciting and upcoming future projects!

I enjoy the challenge of creating art with a focus on the clever use of visual themes and a moody aesthetic, all while experimenting with vibrant colors and raw textures. While I create both digitally and traditionally, I prefer to finish all of my work in a traditional medium. I believe that the intent and energy of my art is expressed most purely with paint and brush.


- Seth